Restore Your Life Force

Individual Psychotherapy

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Psychotherapy offers a safe place to explore your thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

I will listen carefully to you.

Feeling understood and validated is a good place to begin emotional and psychological healing. As you continue to explore your thoughts and feelings, a new awareness begins to emerge, one where you understand your problems within the larger context of your personal history and current relationships and challenges. Somatic interventions will assist you in using the wisdom of your body to support the therapeutic change.

Through this understanding you gain insight and self-compassion. New possibilities open, renewed hope and energy returns.

Couples Therapy

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Every couple has difficulties with their relationship at one time or another – problems which arise may have many different causes.

Couples Therapy helps you to identify the unhealthy patterns of behavior you have fallen into.

You realize that your partner is not your enemy – that you both make mistakes and misunderstand each other.

Through sharing your feelings, feeling heard, seen, and embraced by each other you begin to feel good about yourself and your partner. The connection you have rebuilt brings intimacy and passion in your relationship.

In Couples Therapy I can assist with concerns about communication, intimacy and conflict resolution.