About Therapy



My holistic approach combines client-centered talk therapy and body oriented therapy. Jungian dream work, mindfulness, and creative practices such as writing and art therapy are complementing my therapeutic orientation.

What is Integrated Psychotherapy?

Integrated Psychotherapy combines the following three elements:

Client Centered Psychotherapy

Client centered psychotherapy is a form of talk-therapy where the therapist is “being with” the client through active listening, seeing and sensing. It is the pursuit of understanding the client fully, which leads the client into deeper work.

Bioenergetics Psychotherapy

Bioenergetics psychotherapy brings the body into the therapeutic process. It is based on the premise that each of us needed certain things as a child that we did not receive.

To cope with these hurts and predicaments of our life experience, we developed physical blocks which obstructed the natural flow of feeling in our bodies. Our beliefs and how we perceive the world become distorted through this lens.

Bioenergetics Psychotherapy works with the physical body to gently release these blocks, bringing awareness and resolution to unexpressed emotions. This allows the experience of natural joy and pleasure of living to emerge.

Energy Healing

Energy healing techniques allow us to access memories and beliefs systems adopted unconsciously to protect ourselves. An example is a child who witnesses parental violence and decides never to marry. That decision may rest in the unconscious mind, and as an adult s/he wonders why s/he cannot find the “right mate”. Childhood decisions may limit our choices as adults until we become aware of them and choose to change them.

Furthermore, energy healing allows us to access emotions such as fear, anger, rage, and sorrow experienced when hurt or frightened. These emotional charges reside in particular locations in our bodies and can later manifest as physical discomfort or illness. When we become aware of them, we may release them and invite physical health and balance.

Energy healing is a profound, gentle process of becoming aware of all that we are, healing our wounds and embracing our light.

Regardless of where you are in your healing journey, I will meet you there and start working with you at your own pace and comfort level. Please feel free to contact me to discuss how this type of healing may work for you.