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Why Psychotherapy?

 There are many reasons why people choose psychotherapy including life dissatisfaction, emotional distress, relationship problems, stress, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, nightmares, shame, guilt, addiction, isolation, difficulty in relationships, feeling stuck, disturbing thoughts or memories, being ineffective at work, and many others.

 Whether you are really struggling or are just looking for an additional boost, psychotherapy may be just what you need.

How Does Psychotherapy Work?


As a client-centered therapist, my objective is to assist you in reaching your goals.  Together we can:

  • Develop self-compassion by making connections between past and present and by finding balance between acceptance and change;

  • Create new meanings from your experiences;

  • Develop new coping strategies so you can understand and manage stressors more skillfully;

  • Learn to better manage difficult emotions with mindfulness and an understanding of your body’s natural stress responses;

  • Improve relationships through a deeper understanding and exploration of attachment patterns.

Services I offer:

I like to personalize my services to every single, different and unique person's needs

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